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Government & Institutional

Government & Institutional

Optimizing the results

Uncertainty is one of the biggest cost factors in any enterprise; the difference between the unknown and risk is that the latter is measurable. We can reduce your risk by offering services which will optimize transparency and accountability.

We provide a wide range of specialised services to governmental and international organizations and we specialize in monitoring the quality, quantity and distribution of humanitarian aid, including food-aid. Additionally, we can provide tailor made solutions and fast emerging inspection and monitoring services.

Major international donors increasingly need higher levels of transparency and accountability. Funds can only be used once, and their speedy and efficient use can make a very significant difference.

Independent inspection and monitoring is an important tool to optimise the results of any development program, humanitarian aid project, or commodity transaction. Independent inspection and monitoring deters violations (both intentional and unintentional) of quality and quantity specifications and is a key factor in accommodating the concerns regarding nutrition value, proper labeling, food quality and quantity.

We can demonstrate wide ranging experience as a service provider in this sector. As your eyes and ears on the spot, contract infringement and other irregularities are formally noted and independently reported in a pro active and efficient manner. Moreover, our international network of laboratories can provide swift and reliable quality control of goods and commodities, and recommendations for corrective action, or improvement, will allow customers to take the appropriate action.


Many governmental and international organizations have already relied on our services. Amongst them:

  • UN World Food Program
  • UN FAO
  • UN Oil for Food Program
  • EU Food Aid to FSU countries
  • USDA
  • Foreign Currency Committee Russia
  • International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Various national Red Cross/Red Crescent organisations

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