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Field Operations Training Program

The Field Operations Training Program is a corporate initiative designed to ensure the success of our imaging and tracing services through knowledgeable, well trained and equipped employees, committed to the success of ProTechnics and its clients.

The Field Operations Training Program is a mandatory requirement for all field employees. It is an intense six week program that has a defined set of prerequisites that must me met before employees can even enter the program.

The training program was developed and is taught by our Senior Technical Trainer with more than 25 years of practical experience in the oil and gas industry. This expertise provides the essential knowledge to develop a practical training program designed to meet the needs of the ever evolving oil and gas industry's operational demands.

The course curriculum focuses on:

  • ProTechnics Field Operations Program Guidelines
  • HSE
  • Regulatory Criteria
  • ProTechnics Policies and Procedures

Through classroom and field simulation laboratory training, Field Technicians are well prepared and trained to handle all operational, regulatory and HSE demands of their jobs.

To learn more about the Field Operations Training Program, download the brochure in the top right corner.

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