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Shoot First and Ask Questions Later. Wait... Don't Do That

Using Perforating Technology and Completion Strategy To Inform Decisions in 2022


In this installment of our ProTechTalks series, our esteemed panelists joined together in Midland for a live panel discussion and perforating technology showcase. The conversation centers around evolving perforating strategies and completion design. From oriented perforating to cement quality, stage design, fluid types, and plug selection, our expert panel provides insight to their experience around these topics and more.


  • David Cramer - Senior Engineering Fellow, ConocoPhillips
  • William Hunter - Completion Engineer, Ovintiv
  • Malcolm Kintzing - Petroleum Engineer, Henry Resources
  • Chris Squires - Regional Engineering Advisor, ProTechnics (Div. of Core Laboratories)

Moderated by Buddy Woodroof - Technical Manager, ProTechnics (Div. of Core Lab)

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