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ProTechTalks: Oil & Gas Industry Expert Panel Discussions Led by ProTechnics

"Completion Considerations while Optimizing Operational Efficiencies (URTeC 2023)"

Completion Considerations
Steve Asbill | Jessica Barhaug | Leen Weijers
Dick Leonard | Buddy Woodroof

Making Sense of "All That Data" (ATCE 2022)"

Making Sense of All That Data
Ali Danesh | Ohm Lorwongngam | Venky Ramanathan
Cole Mombourquette | Buddy Woodroof

"Connecting Your Frac to the Rock (URTeC 2022)"

Connecting Your Frac to the Rock
Dena Demboski | Colin McGonagill | Dr. Mukul Sharma
Tanner Wood | Stephen Drylie | Buddy Woodroof

"Shoot First and Ask Questions Later.
Wait... Don't Do That"

Shoot First and Ask Questions Later
David Cramer | William Hunter | Malcolm Kintzing
Chris Squires | Buddy Woodroof

"Insights and Highlights from SPE ATCE 2021"

ATCE 2021 Highlights
Dave Erickson | Cole Mombourquette | Chad Senters
Rachel Harper | Buddy Woodroof

"Modern Simul-Fracs - The Price of Saving Cost and Improving Efficiency"

Modern Simul-Fracs
Mike Mayerhoffer | Ali Daneshy | Gerardo Torres
Tanner Wood | Buddy Woodroof

"Hitting the Reset Button"

Hitting the reset button
George King | Lucas Bazan | Paul Weddle
Dick Leonard | Buddy Woodroof

"The Energy Transition – What Does the Future Hold?"

The Energy Transition
Dave Leopold | Dennis Degner | David Cannon
Dick Leonard | Buddy Woodroof

"Where the Proppant Meets the Rock"

A View from the C-Suite
Chris Wilcox | Justin Kitchen | Daniel Haider
Carolyn Currie | Kevin Olson

"A View from the C-Suite"

A View from the C-Suite
Vicki Hollub | Tim Duncan | Larry Bruno | Buddy Woodroof

"Perforating Trends – Best Practices Moving Forward"

Perforating Trends
Dave Cramer | Kyle Haustveit | Phil Snider | Shaun Geerts Chris Squires | Buddy Woodroof

"Infill Development Strategies - What's Changed?"

Infield Development Strategies
Tom Blasingame | Jennifer Miskimins | Lee Matthews Chad Senters | Buddy Woodroof

"Canada: Exploring the Way Forward 2020 and Beyond"

Canada: Exploring the Way Forward
Audrey Rasmussen | Raymond Sully | Phil Stemler
Alberto Martinez | Kevin Olson

"Optimization in the New Normal"

Optimization in the New Normal
Brendan Elliot | Nick Steinsberger | Joe Frantz Dick Leonard | Buddy Woodroof

"Offshore Optimization in These Challenging Times"

OffShore Optimization in these Challenging Times
Bob Abendschein | Jack Sanford | Mike Mullen
Scott Ogier | Buddy Woodroof

"Surviving in These Crazy Times"

Surviving in These Crazy Times
Lance Robertson | Mukul M. Sharma | Dr. Nathan Meehan
Dick Leonard | Buddy Woodroof

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