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Flow Profiler

FLOWPROFILER™ Gas is the industry's first comprehensive after-frac flow profile technology that simultaneously evaluates both frac fluid clean-up and hydrocarbon production over time.

Proprietary analytical chemical analysis performed by ProTechnics chemists ensure the most accurate and timely results and reports.

Engineered with a comprehensive array of water and gas tracers, FLOWPROFILER™ Gas is specifically designed for multiple stage completions in both vertical and horizontal well applications, providing critical information such as:

  • Simultaneous Zonal Flowback
    • Quantify Frac Fluid Clean-Up
    • Quantify Hydrocarbon Contribution
    • Correlate to Production Log Analysis
  • Indexing Hydrocarbon Production to Geologic Horizons
  • Evaluating Production Over Time
  • Well Spacing Issues
    • Frac Communication with Offset Wells
    • Production Communiciation with Offset Wells

The FLOWPROFILER™ Gas service involves injecting both a unique Chemical Frac Tracer (CFT)in the fluid phase of each frac stage and a unique Gas Frac Tracer (GFT) at the begining of the proppant segment of each frac stage. Flowback water samples are collected in accordance with a predetermined sample schedule. Once first gas is experienced, both water and gas phase samples are collected simultaneously and sent to ProTechnics’ Chemical Tracer Laboratory for detailed analysis to ensure the most accurate and timely results and reports.

The combined knowledge of both the zonal water and gas profiles provide unique data sets to accurately understand the total after frac flow profile for evaluating individual well production and making critical next well decisions.

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