Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

At Core Laboratories, we have two priorities: one, providing superior customer service and two, to invest in our most valuable assets, our employees. Our talented workforce is as diverse as our business presence. The Core Lab community is represented in 6 continents in more than 50 countries around the world. We have more than 4,400 employees and speak over 30 languages. Each one of us is different; our talented people bring their own experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.

We embrace our diversity and strive to ensure we create an inclusive environment where our employees can bring their full talents to the workplace. Our commitment to diversity creates our competitive advantage and promotes, and fosters attracting and retaining the best talent. We make a commitment to support our workforce in multiple ways to be proactive toward their personal development, and their career growth. We need the best people, with different points of view, that are able to think outside the box.

What you bring has an impact. Our success depends on it.

Inclusion. Leverage the power of our differences.

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